Otherland + Foodtech application

Ecosystem for restaurant business management

About the case. The product is an ecosystem for restaurant management, which consists of various modules and allows users to manage, store, serve, and improve there restaurant chain. This case study is about the redesign of the most important module of the ecosystem - menu creation.

Key product metrics. For the growth of a FoodTech product, it's crucial to improve performance and user experience to attract and retain users without a lot of human resources.

To maintain customer retention, the business owner had to spend a lot of resources on customer support. In this case, Other Land was able to solve the issue by analyzing the problem spaces and improving the user experience.

Onboarding. Lot of time spend daily on team training (how to work with the system)

Accessibility / Dish page. Huge expense on the user side on creation and support of restaurant menu

Accessibility / Dashboard. Lots of expense on team training of how to manage all items on the dashboard

Navigation. Side menu is overloaded, which makes the work with the system much harder

Components / Fields. Time - consuming filling all the data

Components / Dropdown. Non - functional dropdowns, the patterns are not right

Components / Search. Difficulties with searching for needed, search is over-loaded with an amount of items

Result. This product is still under development. But the user feedback has been great, and the business expects a great result.