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b0arding is a travel booking platform that helps people make the most accurate travel choices and take better trips. Backed by Google, Booking.com, Amadeus, and others, b0arding.com is the only go-to site for finding hotels & vacation rentals with video reviews from those who have been there before. Witnessing fellow traveler's experiences firsthand enhances the authenticity of the feedback and helps potential guests make the most informed decisions.

The service is designed for longer stays, so we show more additional information on the page of one accommodation than on services for short-term rentals. Users can see other people who are currently living in the place. And we've also created a handy map showing the nearest places to stay, transportation stops, and other important points.

The catalog shows basic information about housing options, based on which users make a decision about exploring the listing.

The project has a section for the host. Where he can keep track of the status of his transactions, budget, feedback, and communicate with guests.

Professional hosts have more than four listings on the platform. So we decided to make a shared calendar where the host can see the schedule of all lodging bookings on one page.