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Mobile app with motivational content

Motiday is a mobile application where users can explore motivational content. Originally the business had a goal to increase conversion rates and overall user retention, the app required a redesign to enhance both.

MotiDay offers a variety of motivational content formats, including life rules, statements, articles, and quotes. We designed unique layouts for each type to ensure the content is easily readable and engaging for users.

After extensive user testing, we simplified MotiDay's onboarding to only essential information, allowing later customization in settings. This streamlined process evolved from a more complex initial setup.

To make Moti Day's design stand out, we employed a visual approach involving blurring photos and either darkening or lightening them. This approach allowed each content card to have a unique, diverse appearance.

The app features a premium version that is introduced during onboarding and then promoted throughout via banners on article pages, settings, and pop-ups, ensuring continuous visibility.

The app also includes a section called Motinet, where users can share their success stories or failures with the community. We started by creating a waitlist and later developed it into a fully functional part of the app.

Overall, the app features numerous sections, all designed with consistency and attention to business and user needs. This approach enhances user interaction through features like article saving, personalization, profile editing, and many other aspects.